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Share Your Favorites

October 8, 2007

Columbus Day is all about sharing (ok, not really, but we were stuck for a segueway).

Anyway, now you can share any of your favorite items with others by email; just click on the Email Icon email icon next to the item you want to share.


Save Your Favorites

September 14, 2007

Now, if you come across something you want to keep, SeekSift will let you save it in your Favorites page.

And soon, you’ll be able to share and trade your favorites with others, as well as (finally) get recommendations of new content based on those favorites.

It’s going to be great, we promise.

So Far, So Good

August 30, 2007

So Far, So Good

Ok, so we’ve fixed the problem with our contact emails, and retrieved what we think is all the messages which were in limbo.

But if you’ve sent us an email in the last few days and not gotten a reply yet, please resend it.

Also, there were complaints of filters not working; that glitch, too, has been fixed so your content results should be consistent now, but let us know if you see anything to the contrary (yes, emails on the contact page are receiving messages now).

Otherwise, the upgrade went just great.

An update to the help is in the works, as well as more details about the recommendations engine (yes, there really is one).

New Design on the Way

August 28, 2007

We’re putting the finishing touches on a cleaner & simpler-to-use interface (based on your feedback), as well as upgrading to new server hardware.

So the main page will be updated to reflect those changes, over the course of the next few days.

You might see some downtime or unexpected disconnects in the interim, but our staff of highly-trained monkeys support team will make sure that’s kept at a minimum.

Of course, please contact us to report any problems.